Our Investment Philosophy

It's our core belief that a comprehensive financial plan should drive investment and asset allocation decisions, not exclusively the client’s personal risk tolerance. Many of the our clients hold a personal risk tolerance which may be higher than the required risk necessary to potentially achieve sufficient returns for a successful investment and life outcome. Detailed discussion of this difference between required risk and tolerated risk leads to the clarifying discovery of each client’s desired risk. It is this desired risk, not tolerance for risk, which becomes the foundation for each client’s individually designed asset allocation.

Helping a client establish sufficient liquid reserves to remain steady in the face of market volatility is another important element of our investment philosophy. Most human investment behavior results in buying at the exuberant market highs and selling at the distressing market lows. Proper liquidity and reserves can create an environment which allows a client to overcome this behavioral tendency. This increases the probability of doing what is necessary to be a successful investor.

Successful investment management at Akshya Financial is not about achievement of a certain performance above a predefined benchmark. Our idea of a proper investment management experience is about seeking sufficient return at each client’s desired level of risk leading toward the successful fulfillment of their individual financial plan and objectives.