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The Value of Professional Advice

People commonly seek expert advice to ensure their health and longevity. As part of that practice, they regularly visit a doctor who evaluates their specific concerns as it relates to their family history, lifestyle, and age. People look to their doctor to help them evaluate the information, or sometimes, the misinformation received from popular media and educate them about the best nutrition, exercise, or medical treatments to achieve health goals that make sense for them today and tomorrow.

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Similarly, working with a trusted Financial Advisor provides you a blueprint that helps ensure that you achieve and remain in peak financial health and enjoy your wealth feeling secure in the knowledge that your financial life is in alignment with your life goals.

The Economic Difference of
Financial Planning

‘Planners’ amassed over 3.5x more in their retirement plans and over 5x more in their non-retirement assets

According to Forbes, individuals who worked with a financial advisor and had a financial plan have historically seen an economic difference with real financial benefits. Not only did these ‘planners’ hold a much broader range of retirement and non-retirement assets than those who did not have a plan, they also amassed a significantly higher value of assets. “On average, those who take advice and have financial plans have amassed over three-and-a-half times (375%) the retirement assets and over five times (518%) the non-retirement assets of those who do neither. Combining planning and advice yields the best results.”1

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1Not Enough People Have Financial Advisers and New Research Shows They Should,”, August 28, 2014.
There is no implied assurance or guarantee that an investor will realize similar results. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. All investments involve risk, including loss of principal.